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Опубликовано: 12.04.2017

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Mailbox Alarm, Toy Hackers How-To-Build (feat: Simone Giertz)

There is a growing epidemic of mail theft in both rural and urban areas. This new rash of mailbox tampering is directly related to methamphetamine use. Meth addicts go out all hours of the day and night and search for mailboxes that are full of inbound or outbound mail.

Here is a story about mail theft and possible election fraud related to stolen mail.

One major mail theft ring in Colorado, that was connected to meth abusers, was so sophisticated that they used a van with a mobile printing setup to make fake checks using the checks that were found in the outgoing mail of unsuspecting rural residents. Anybody can order blank check paper.   The same ring also would look for credit cards and driver’s licenses in the mail. Once a mail thief has жизнерадостному account number they can wreak havoc.   Some mail theft rings are so clever that they will use stolen credit cards and fake checks only for very small purchases. It may take some people weeks or months to determine that the charges are fraudulent.

How To Protect Your Mailbox From Thieves

One of the best ways to prevent mail theft is to not place mail in your mailbox too early. Wait until the postman is about to come, or if you will not be home, use a secure mailbox to drop off your letters. Also, trim any large bushes or tree limbs that prevent you from seeing your outside mailbox.

mailbox alarms, A Cheap Solution to Prevent Stolen Mail

You can get a mailbox chime or mailbox alarm for around $40. These devices will usually work for up to a hundred feet.   They feature a receiver that you place in the home and a small motion switch that you place in your mailbox. When the lid of the mailbox goes down, the chime inside the home makes a sound. Some special models which cost more will transmit a signal up to 500′ from your mailbox to let you know someone is opening it. This is a good way to know just when the postman has come, so you can go and get your  mail before it is stolen. These devices also alert you when thieves are opening your mailbox. Of course you should never confront these people If possible, photograph the vehicle and license plate or get a good description and call 911.   Mail theft can be prevented and a good neighborhood watch is one way to do it.

DIY Remote Mailbox Alarm

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